Committed to working together

In today’s rapidly evolving banking industry, our success lies with our 138,000 dedicated employees working all around the world.

Making sure that our teams are diverse, enjoy quality working conditions and are fulfilled in their careers is a key factor in encouraging employee engagement.

Societe Generale is committed to five top priorities:

  • Corporate culture and ethics
  • Occupations and skills
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Performance and pay
  • Health and safety in the workplace

Mobility & training

We promote your employability by giving you all the tools you need to develop your career with our Group not only through internal mobility, but also through upskilling thanks to our training offers.

  • 23,000 internal job transfers in 2019
  • 27 training hours, on average, per employee in 2019, i.e. 4 million hours total
  • A variety of training modules (MOOC, social learning, etc.) is available on request

Career management

Our goal is to provide you with rewarding career development opportunities in a wide variety of professions.

  • We have adopted tools used to match the skills/goals of our employees with our available positions.
  • Varying pathways that can be adapted to your personal plan(s), including “break-away” experiences: for example, internal start-up assignments or training courses with continuing education projects.

Diversity & inclusion

At Societe Generale, diversity and inclusion are not just legal obligations. They are strategic objectives for both the present and the future.

We are determined to be an inclusive company, enriched by diversity, where each employee feels genuinely appreciated.

As an employer, we guarantee equal opportunities for all and are proud to draw on our diversity as a source of strength for our company. The Group is committed to recognising and promoting all its talented resources, no matter what their beliefs, age, disabilities, family relationships, ethnic origin, nationality, sexual or gender identity, sexual orientation, political affiliations, religious beliefs, ties with unions or minority organisations, or any other characteristic that might expose them to discrimination of any kind.

It is important for us to:

  • Create a workplace that fosters inclusion
  • Promote employee diversity
  • Combat all forms of discrimination


Societe Generale is a signatory of the ILO’s Global Business and Disability Charter, aimed at promoting and including persons with disabilities in the workplace.

More than 5,400 jobs have been adapted to accommodate persons with disabilities in the last 13 years.


The Group is dedicated to fighting bias and establishing an inclusive culture respectful of all human rights.

Signatory of the UN’s five global standards for business to tackle discrimination against LGBTI+ people (June 26th 2018).


Societe Generale was ranked the No. 2 French bank and the No. 7 French company in Equileap’s 2019 gender equality ranking.


Working to foster professional inclusion and inclusion through education.

1,105 projects supported and 21,476 employees involved in 2019.


In France, India, Luxembourg, Hong Kong, New York and London, we have created working environments that promote collaboration and stimulate innovation. From our creativity-inspiring workspaces to our break areas to our Flex Office layouts... we have pulled out all the stops to foster productive teamwork.

Whether you are joining us for a few months or several years, telework is an option available to everyone seeking an effective work-life balance. We are also thinking of ways to offer telework options to staff members working at the branches.

We can also work together to develop your professional network. Internal networks, expert communities and lunchtime conferences are just a few ways to tap into the goldmine of information at your disposal.


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